Thursday, June 30, 2016

Joe Duffy creates a refreshed look for Baby Einstein toys

Kids II is an American company that makes toys and equipment for babies and toddlers under several different brands, including Baby Einstein and Bright Start. This week, they announced the launch of new visual identities for these two brands. Acclaimed designer Joe Duffy has joined Kids II as its creative director and he worked with the agency he founded, Duffy, to develop the new brands.

Baby Einstein products are designed to "enrich baby's young mind with a unique combination of language, music, art, animals and nature" and its new identity is "inspired by discovery and progressive learning". Meanwhile, Bright Starts products are "designed to spark smiles and laughter in babies" and their new look features "simple, bright and amusing elements".

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Canal+ rebrands free channels

France's leading pay TV broadcaster broadcaster Canal+ expanded into free-to-air TV a few years ago by buying struggling TV stations Direct 8 and Direct Star and relaunching them as D8 and D17. Particular investment was made in D8, which has since grown to become France's fifth most watched TV channel. Yesterday, the broadcaster confirmed reports that was about to rebrand D8, D17 and news channel i-Télé to bring them closer to the Canal+ brand. The logos above were displayed at the same time.

The channels will now be known as Canal 8, Canal Star and Canal News. Canal 8 will continue to bring entertainment for all ages, Canal Star will remain a music channel and Canal News will report the news as it happens.

Monday, June 27, 2016

VBAT brands Heineken's new cider

Apple Bandit is a new brand of cider from the Heineken company, introduced this month in the Netherlands. The packaging was designed by Amsterdam-based agency VBAT.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Saint-Gobain introduces habitable logo

The French corporation Saint-Gobain has diversified manufacturing activities, but is probably best known as a maker of specialised building materials. At the beginning of this month, they launched a new corporate identity, developed by Paris-based Terre de Sienne.

The new logo is slightly reminiscent of the bridge motif it replaces, but has been updated, modernised and transformed into the outline of a city. According to the company, the new symbol shows how "skyline unfolds in an explosion of color, reflecting a Saint-Gobain that, after more than three centuries of existence, is more dynamic than ever". Crucially, it humanises the company, shifting focus from durable construction to pleasant habitation.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

SomeOne creates elegant identity for skincare brand Debbie Thomas

Debbie Thomas is a UK skincare brand specialised in treating skin problems, such as scarring, discolouration and ageing. Last month, they introduced a new visual identity, developed by SomeOne in London.

The new identity is mostly based on elegant typography and graphics presented in grey tones. The most striking part of the new look is a set of brand images that highlight the areas of the body targeted by Debbie Thomas' treatments. They were created by pouring together 100 bags of white flour ad pressing mannequin faces and body parts into it. SomeOne also rewrote different technical descriptions to make them clearer.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Philippine's PLDT adopts three-sided logo for two brands

PLDT, or the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, is the leading telecommunications provider in the Philippines. In addition to their landline operations they also provide mobile telephony through their subsidiary Smart Communications. Last week, both PLDT and Smart launched new corporate identities with matching logos. At the same time, the company has abandoned its long-winded full name to use PLDT as its legal name.

The new triangle-shaped logo symbolises the "powerful convergence of PLDT and Smart", as well as the Greek letter Delta, which apparently means change. Its is decidedly more contemporary than the two logos it replaces.

SomeOne creates happy identity for Personal Group

London-based agency SomeOne has delivered this really neat project for Personal Group, a leading provider of employee services. The company has long had a direct face-to-face relationship with its costumers, but more recently they have also launched a new online platform called "Hapi" where users can track their benefits digitally.

SomeOne distilled its brand strategy into an idea called "Work Happy". Visually, this was expressed through a happy new logo, featuring a smiling PG monogram always shown against a yellow background. Sub-brands were also aligned with the new look, including a new wordmark for Hapi and a set of icons.