Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CNN's new look - January 2011

On the morning of this January 10, CNN launched a new look for its US channel.

The most important part of the change was that it now started using the full HDTV screen area. Previously, the graphics had been produced to look food for viewers with old 4:3 standard TV sets, which meant that graphics weren't seen on the sides of the wider 16:9 HDTV picture. Viewers with old SDTV sets would now get a letterboxed picture, with black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. Fox News Channel was the first to make this move September 2009.

This also meant a visual update for CNN's graphics. While graphics had previously been mostly black with some grey and white, they now feature more colours and gradients.

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For comparison, the image above shows the old graphics and comes from a Youtube video posted in May 2010 by user "nodefault".

Some information from the CNN Observations blog.
CNN Domestic unveiled a new look earlier today. The CNN logo is now enclosed inside a white box. The live indicator still appears above the CNN logo, but it no longer sits in front of a map. The animated program box that previously sat directly beside the logo is now on the far left.

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