Saturday, March 12, 2011

Melodifestivalen's new look (2011)

Melodifestivalen ("The Melody Festival") is a Swedish annual music competition, and the most watched television programme in Sweden. The final is usually watched by 3-4 million people, in a country with 9 million inhabitants. The show has been broadcast by the state broadcaster SVT almost every year since 1959, and today much of the Swedish mainstream music scene revolves around this event.

When the show for 2002 was planned, the event's popularity had slipped and SVT felt that the programme needed to be re-tooled. SVT extended it from one single Saturday night broadcast to five events which would take place around the country for more than a month.

The show would also get a consistent look and feel. Before 2002, new graphics and identities were produced every year. SVT turned to broadcast design agency Dallas Sthlm who developed a new generic logo and new graphics for the event, which would be used every year after that. The logo is made up of five spotlights which form a crown.

This logo and graphics package has remained with some updates until the 2011 competition, when it was time to create a new look. This was probably partly due to the show's long overdue switch to HDTV.

SVT once again turned to Dallas Sthlm, who suggested a makeover of the logo and the graphics (archive). The previous graphics were based on lights, the new ones feature fluid shapes. This can be seen in the new logo, which kinda looks like someone threw slime on a wall. Overall, the new look is familiar if you've seen the old one, but has an edgier feel to it.

The new logo first appeared online in September 2010. The first competition was held on February 5, and final is held tonight.

Generic logo used between 2002-2010.

Off-screen version of the new logo.

Dallas Sthlm have posted the new opening sequence on their Youtube channel. A few selected screengrabs below:

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"Swedish Television presents"

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Dallas have also posted the previous intro on Youtube. Some screengrabs for comparison:

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