Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New logo: Ahlstrom

Companies who work with pulp and paper rarely use those words to describe themselves. One such company is the Finnish Ahlstrom which calls itself as a "high performance materials company". Ahlstrom revealed a new brand identity on February 28.

The new identity was created by the London office of Dragon Rouge.

The previous logo was adopted a decade ago, most likely in 2001. It contained an clever icon which was a stylised version of a tree. That identity was created by (archive) the Helsinki agency Porkka & Kuutsa. This was based on an earlier logo which contained an actual silhouette of a tree.

Previous logo

From a press release issued by Ahlstrom on February 28:
Ahlstrom, a global high performance materials company, is launching a renewed brand today. The new brand identity is the visual expression of the company's new business strategy, which has been developed as a response to the changing needs of its customers around the world.

Ahlstrom has been building on its experience and know-how to anticipate customer needs. Recently, the company has made some fundamental changes in its strategy and operating model, and the company is now positioned strongly towards the future.

To reflect all these changes, Ahlstrom today unveils a new brand story and brand identity. They are the result of an extensive research among employees and external stakeholders across all the different markets and countries in which the company operates.

"Following the acquisitions made during the last few years and the recent strategy review, we have worked hard to create 'One Ahlstrom', to ensure that this is a company with strong values and consistent culture and a shared passion for doing things better. That means better products, better performance and better service for all our customers. To crystallize this we also needed to change the way we identify and present ourselves," says Jan Lång, the President & CEO of Ahlstrom.

"As an inspiration for our employees and as a promise to our external stakeholders, we'll strive to Stay ahead. We've come a long way because progress has always been our life-blood. We need to ensure our customers stay ahead" Lång adds.

All these themes are brought together in Ahlstrom's new logo and the new brand promise, Stay ahead. The brand identity consists of completely new colors and other visual elements, which reflect the company's commitment to renewal and delivering results.
Ahlstrom press release
Design Week


  1. Sorry. The old logo was much better.

  2. If it was a problem to distinguish between two global corporations, ALSTOM and AHLSTROM earlier, this "logo" makes it severely worse. Great idea with a prolonged A-bar ?

  3. Looks cleaner and more modern than the old logo. Some people are simply recalcitrant and want to see the same cereal box in front of them every day...