Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New logo: Bridgestone

Bridgestone, the multinational tire company, unveiled and launched an updated logo today, March 1.

According to the company, the previous logo was introduced around 1984, and the new one isn't a radical departure from it. The clunky typeface is changed to a more modern one. The B icon gets rounder shapes.

Bridgestone also gets a new tagline, "Your Journey, Our Passion". The previous one was "Passion for Excellence".

Bridgestone have posted a press release which also includes a logo history.

Previous logo.

Old B.

New B.

One on top of the other.

Bridgestone press release (archive)
Bridgestone press release 2


  1. Why only "n" in BRIDGESTOnE's logo is lowercase letters ?

    1. The diagonal stroke makes the letter N a bit tricky to work with in slanted, geometric and somewhat narrow typefaces like this one. The old typeface in particular wouldn't work with a regular uppercase N.