Thursday, March 24, 2011

New logo: Conseil général de la Nièvre

France is divided into 100 departments, and each of them has an assembly called the general counsil (conseil général). One of the smaller departments is Nièvre, whose general counsil recently introduced a new logo.

The previous logo was a white "bolt" in the form of an N in a brown and green trapezium. The bolt idea is kept, but now it is orange and has a 3D effect. The typography is all-new.

Previous logo.

I don't know when the new logo was introduced. According to an article on the official website, the new logo was decided upon on December 17, and officially introduced on January 1, but I haven't found independent reports until February. I also don't know what agency was behind it.

Single colour version of the new logo.

Conseil général de la Nièvre (archive)

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