Friday, March 4, 2011

New logo: Dressmann

Dressmann is a Norwegian retailer of men's clothing. Starting in Oslo in 1962, the company has expanded to all Nordic countries as well as Germany and Latvia. The chain is known for modest clothes of good quality to modest prices.

In January 18, the company announced that its was rebranding itself, including the adoption of a new markteting strategy and a new logo. Dressmann have entered an exclusive agreement with the Rolling Stones, which can be noticed throughout the marketing. Stones songs can now be heard in the stores, which are being rebuilt to look like concert stages. Dressmann has an ongoing ad campaign with Rolling Stones theme, and lincensed T-shirt can be bought in the stores.

With the relaunch, Dressmann have also officially launched a new logo. It had already been sighted on some storefronts, but the Janaury 18 announcement made it official that it was replacing the old logo.

Dressmann trialled a similar logo over a year ago, although it was all lower case and used a slightly different typeface. It wasn't seen on Dressmann's website or in marketing, but has been used on storefronts and clothing tags.

Previous logo.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Storefront with the old logo. From Wikimedia Commons, by user Oden.

Another new logo which was trialled over a year ago, but wasn't adopted as official logo. The photo is dated November 2009 and taken by Flickr user Malmotown.

Store with the new logo. From Wikimedia Commons, by user Xanor.

Press release (Swedish)
Dagens Media

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