Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New logo: Nomos Bank

NOMOS Bank (Номос Банк with cyrillic letters) is a major Russian bank. Yesterday, March 14, it announced that it is rebranding itself with a new look to change the perception of the bank and ensure people of its financial stability.

At the heart of the new look is a new symbol, the initials N and b in an underlined blue rectangle. Following a common trend, the initials are written with the latin alphabet instead of the Russian cyrillic. The symbol is usually accompanied by the full name, which can be written with either latin or cyrillic letters.

The new look was created by Zoran DesignWerkBüro. The logo can already be seen on the company's website, and it will be rolled out branch offices over time. The will also be an advertising campaign.

Previous logo

Nomos Bank last changed their logo some time around 2006-2007. That logo was an update of an ever older logo.

Logo until around 2006-2007.

The new look will also be introduced for the bank's subsidiaries, Nomos Regiobank and Nomos Bank Sibir.


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