Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New logo: Škoda Auto

The the Volkswagen-owned Czech automaker Škoda Auto recently announced that it was going to reveal a new logo for the International Motorshow in Geneva. Škoda have kept a lid on it until yesterday evening (February 28), when the new corporate identity was unveiled.

The new logo removes the name Škoda Auto from the outer ring, à la Starbucks. The winged arrow is now more prominent. The green colour of the figure has changed from "natural green" to a new tint called "Škoda green".

A new logo has been floating around on the Internet at least since November last year. It had the winged arrow symbol in white on a green circle with a blue border. I don't think that logo was ever confirmed by Škoda.

According to Škoda, the winged arrow dates back to 1926, and the previous design is from the 1990s.

Excerpt from a news article posted by Škoda:
Under the slogan “The New Power of Škoda”, Škoda Auto presented its new corporate design at this year's Volkswagen Group Evening.
The event also saw a design concept that shows the brand's new direction towards extending its model portfolio and intensifying its activity in Europe, as well as in China, India and Russia.

The manufacturer presented a very special facelift at the event: for the fist time ever, Škoda is presenting the key elements of its new corporate design whose distinguishing features are freshness and precision. As its established characteristics evolve, Škoda has undergone visual rejuvenation to make it an outwardly even more valued brand.

“We are keen to express the new power of our brand not only through our future products, but also in the way we present ourselves to partners and customers. Škoda is synonymous with attractive cars offering exceptional value for money, countless clever solutions and precisely executed work. All this is clearly reflected by our updated corporate design. As it forges ahead, ŠKODA is eager to flex its newfound strength in the international arena,” stressed Jürgen Stackmann, the Board Member responsible for marketing and sales. “Škoda is steadily evolving and it shows. Our new design and fresh outlook reflect our plans for the future.”

The most important change affects the main part of the logo, the winged arrow, which in the new design will be much larger and more visible. The hue of the winged arrow has been changed from “natural green” to the new lush “ŠKODA Green”. The outer area is highlighted with a chrome look.
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