Monday, March 7, 2011

The logo (2010)

Every month, Strasbourg becomes the capital of the European Union for one week. Because of this, Strasbourg moved its website from the domain to, using the new Internet domain for the European Union.

In 2010, Strasbourg also started using a new logo which incorporates the Internet domain. The name is written in a sans-serif typeface (probably Avenir Heavy), with the exception of a and the g, which are shapely serifs (probably Bodoni). I have no idea what the symbolism might be, if there is any.

The logo is usually presented against warm background colours, and the wordmark is mostly white, with the exception of the .eu part which takes a slightly brighter shade of the background colour.

The new logo doesn't use any symbol at all, making Strasbourg one of few French cities to use only a wordmark as its logo.

It seems like the new visual identity was launched around late August-early September 2010.

The old logo was considered dated. Originally, the swirl was multi-coloured and the triangle was gray, but it seems it was discarded later on and replaced by the single-colour version we see above.

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A brochure for museums in Strasbourg with the new identity.

This black-on-white version is presented only for comparison. I haven't seen this in use.

Press release (archive)
La Lettre du Cadre
Cap'Com (archive)

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