Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New logo: MaltaPost

MaltaPost is the national postal service in Malta. A couple of weeks ago it presented a completely new corporate identity, a press release was issued on March 25.

MaltaPost was formed in 1998, and the previous logo was also introduced in the late 1990s. It used a blue and yellow colour scheme with a stamp symbol. It has been swapped for a red, white and black logo containing a post horn with a Maltese cross.

Red and black are also the colours of the classic pillar boxes that can be found around the country, a heritage from when Malta was a part of the British Empire. Reports hint that black and red have historically been used as corproate colours by the Maltese postal service.

The new look will be phased in over time. No word yet on who created the new look.

Previous logo.

Signage and uniforms.

From a MaltaPost press release, issued on March 25:
MaltaPost has unveiled its new branding with a new logo and returned to its former colours of red and black.

"Maltapost has adopted a new red and black logo to represent traditional values with a fresh outlook in both apperance and spirit," said Joseph Gafà, CEO at MaltaPost p.l.c. during a Press Conference at the post office in San Gwann. "Other than giving a whole new image to the company throughout the rebranding, we have also refurbished nearly all the post offices in Malta and Gozo and we are today inaugurating the San Gwann post office. We are also aware of the need for continuous review, not only of our processes and operations but also in our appearance and image," he continued.
The adoption of MaltaPost's new logo is the result of an extensive internal exercise following a study of processes, vision and strategy for future growth. As the national postal operator, MaltaPost remain sensitive to our role in the community and are constantly committed to fulfill our duties throughout Malta and Gozo. The logo will be introduced gradually over a period of time.

The return to our former corporate colours are intended to match with the iconic red and black pillar boxes present throughout the island and are a reflection of the importance MaltaPost gives to its legacy. The new emblem captures MaltaPost's core values and reflects the intention of entering and developing new markets and services by taking advantage of opportunities as they arise. MaltaPost is also rebranding its various products and services; ‘post it', ‘pay it', ‘buy it', ‘collect it', ‘organize it', ‘courier it', ‘deliver it', ‘manage it' and ‘market it'.

The emblem is also easily identifiable amongst the international market place and is in complaince with the logos of many other postal operators.

MaltaPost press release (archive)
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