Monday, April 25, 2011

New logo: Stora Enso

Stora Enso is a Finnish pulp and paper company, formed in 1998 when the Swedish forestry and mining company Stora was bought the Finnish forestry company Enso. On April 20, it revealed its first new corporate identity since the merger.

The rebrand is a part of a corporate inititive called "Rethink", which went public with the new logo. The basic idea is to challenge old ways of doing things and finding new solutions inside the company and amongs its stakeholders and costumers - in short "rethinking". The company has also rethought the annual report, which has been replaced by a "Rethink Report", released with the rest of the Rethink stuff.

Suitably, the word "rethink" is at the center of the new company symbol which is "inspired by the petalless flower of the eucalyptus tree".

The new logo has been created by the Helsinki creative agency N2's Canadian-born creative director Brian Kaszonyi. A study of StoraEnso's corporate image was done by Kuulas MillwardBrown.

Previous logo.

The previous identity dates back to the company's creation, and the first annual report (archive) offered this explanation:
Stora Enso’s strategy is to build a strong corporate brand to serve as an umbrella under which all of its businesses operate.
The brand represents attributes as service, attractiveness, efficiency and responsibility, which are valued by Stora Enso customers and employees as well as investors and other company stakeholders. The corporate brand is supported by the Group’s wide range of products, many of which are leading brands in their segments.

The new logo on black background.

An excerpt from the Rethink report:
As we wanted to signal the change also visually, we decided to go for a new symbol and logo. Also we wanted to achieve something real, something true to our business and thinking. The designer of our new logo, Creative Director Brian Kaszonyi from N2, dove into our business and got familiar with our raw materials, production processes, and products as well as sustainability cycles. He came across the cycle shape in different form, again and again, Finally he had a closer look a how pulp was made and found his inspiration in the eucalyptus tree and its flower.

Looking at our new visual identity, you realise it is not made up or artificial. It is truly about us and who we are, and it has a story behind it. We are quite excited about it. And this is what catches the magic of Rethink. We at Stora Enso are excited about pretty much everything that is happening here right now.


The new logo symbolises Stora Enso's commitment to creating a sustainable future for our planet by developing innovative solutions based on renewable materials.

The design of the logo reflects the shapes related to Stora Enso's business and products, the unending cycles of nature and, most importantly, the eucalyptus flower.

The unusual, petal-less eucalyptus flower symbolises a sustainable raw material, the eucalyptus tree, which has a growing importance in Stora Enso's global pulp production.

Two brand building images from the Rethink report:

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"This is not garbage, this is raw material."

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"The world needs a new approach to materials."

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