Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New logo: ABLV

Aizkraukles Banka is a Latvian bank, the largest independent private bank in the country. Since its foundation in 1993, it has opened offices in many Eastern European countries. On Monday, May 23, it officially changed its name to ABLV Bank and introduced a new corporate identity, created by The Brand Union. This is part of a strategy adopted in 2008 to turn ABLV Bank into a "leader in banking, wealth management, and financial advisory in the Eastern Europe".

Since 2002, the bank has used the marketing name AB.LV, which also happened to be the bank's web address. The previous logo, which came in multiple colours, was also introduced in 2002.

Previous logo.

The new logo consists of the abbreviation ABLV and a new symbol, which is called "the jewel".
The jewel symbolises the bank’s spirit and approach. Multidimensional, it represents the breadth and depth of experience the bank provides. It’s transparent, reflecting the clarity and openness of the way the bank works. And it’s vibrant with colour – for energy and drive to help customers succeed. - Press release
The image below shows different versions for light and dark backgrounds, demonstrating the transparency of the symbol.

ABLV press release
ABLV press release (Russian)
ABLV annual report (Latvian)

The annual report was published with the new look, and it includes a rundown of the logos used through the history of this young bank.

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