Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New logo: AMP

AMP is an Australian financial services company. Recently, it merged with AXA Asia Pacific, and on Friday, May 20, it revealed a new logo which will replace both the former AMP logo and the AXA logo. It was launched through a TV commercial on Sunday, May 22. The "full roll-out" is scheduled for a start in September, and the AXA brand should be completely removed by December 2013.

Landor Associates developed the corporate identity, and AMP's ad agency Banjo created an ad to launch the new brand.

Instead of looking back to AMP's history, or creating a "compromised blend" of AXA and AMP, the company has selected a completely new identity represent the merged company and a "new chapter in AMP's history". The symbol has been named the "AMP spark" it represents "possibilities" "in the face of life's twists and turns".

"Metallic" version of the previous logo, used in advertising.

AMP claims that their first "formal" logo was introduced in 1956. It consisted of the initials in a "TV screen". It was used until 1988, when a more corporate and "fast-paced" logo was introduced. An updated version of that one was introduced in 2000, and it is that logo which is being replaced now.

AMP logo from 1956.

AMP logo from 1988.

AMP logo from 2000.

AXA's logo.

These screencaps come from a presentation video, published by AMP.

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"In the face of life's twists and turns, -"

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"- the spark represents endless possibles."

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