Monday, May 30, 2011

New logo: Bank Rossiyskiy Kapital

Bank Rossiyskiy Kapital, or Банк Российский Капитал with cyrillic letters, is a Russian commercial bank, founded in 1993. Recently, it announced that it was rebranding with a new look, created by the Moscow design agency Direct Design Visual Branding. It should reflect "reliablity, openness and active leadership".

Like the previous logo, the new one includes an icon which combines the initials Р and К, but the new version is more modern and elegant. The Russian flag colours are replaced with a red, orange and grey.

A press release which includes a mention of the rebranding was issued on April 28. Bank signs should have been replaced during the month of May, and the rebrand should be completed during 2011, including a new website.

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Example of how the new logo can be used in advertising.

Bank Rossiyskiy Kapital - rebranding site (archive)
Bank Rossiyskiy Kapital - news release (archive)

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