Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New logo: Cincinnati Insurance Companies

The Cincinnati Financial Corporation is an insurance company in Cincinnati, Ohio, which uses the brand name "Cincinnati Insurance Companies". It recently revealed a new logo, which replaces its image of Cincinatti skylines with an image of a bridge.

The typography is also altered from an bold all-caps Times typeface to a thin typeface from the Eras family, also in all-caps. The company has previously used the Eras family in its communciation.

The new logo was reportedly revealed last Friday, April 29, at the company's annual meeting. A press release issued yesterday, May 2, offered the following explanation:
A new company logo we introduced at our meeting celebrates the momentum we are building by expanding our operations, increasing efficiencies, stepping up our expertise and recommitting to ethical values. As we start the next chapter of our 60-year history, we are committed to improve on our traditional strengths and create new ones that enhance our relationships with our agency customers and add value for shareholders."

Previous logo.

The previous logo was introduced some time during the 1990s when it replaced an earlier rendition which also used the Cincinnati skyline.

Logo used until the 1990s.

Press release

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