Friday, May 27, 2011

New logo: Crimea

Crimea (Крим in Ukrainian) is an autonomous republic in southern Ukraine. It area corresponds to a peninsula of the same name which is located in the Black Sea, mostly separated from the rest of Ukraine.

On March 2, an official competition to create a new logo to market the peninsula to tourists. The previous logo was now considered dated and hard to use.

Out of 307 received entries, the committee selected seven which would go through more testing with focus groups on April 26. This eliminated four of the entries. The winner of the remaing three was determined yesterday, May 26, at committee meeting, based on "expert opinion". It was created by the Kiev agency iBrand Design Consulting and can be seen above. The slogan in it says "Жемчужина мира", which mean "Pearl of the World", but that was romved in the design presented yester day, so it may perhaps not be a part of the final design.

The two runners-up can be seen below. They were created by two different agencies called 3N and Мед (which means "honey").

3N's entry.

Мед's entry.

These suggestions made it to the testing phase, but were eliminated before the final decision.

Entry number 3.

Entry number 5.

Entry number 6.

Entry number 7.

Council of Ministers ARC - March 2
Council of Ministers ARC - April 28
Council of Ministers ARC - May 19
Council of Ministers ARC - May 26
Флот - 2017

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