Monday, May 30, 2011

New logo: CTV Two

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American network television is a competitive business, and all the current four big networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox) have at some time been able to claim to be the most watched network. This has not been the case in Canada, where CTV has been the dominant English-language commercial network for a long time. The second largest privately-owned network is Global, while smaller networks like CH, /A\ and Citytv have been of less importance. Today, May 30, it was announced that one of those networks, the /A\ network, will be swallowed by a new network which will called CTV Two, taking its name from the market leader.

The logo for the new network, the word two in red lower case letters with the well-recognized CTV logo, was also unveiled today. The schedule for the network will be unveiled on Thursday, June 2.

The /A\ network logo.
/A\ and CTV have belonged to the same company since 2006.

Press release (archive)
The Globe and Mail

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