Friday, May 6, 2011

New logo: Encyclo

AB Groupe is a French audiovisual group which owns several smaller thematic channels in France, most of them stemming from the group's launch a digital satellite platform in the mid-1990s.

One of those channels is Encyclopédia, a channel dedicated to knowledge, mostly in the fields of science and technology. It competes with Planète, which this blog mentioned yesterday. Having used the same logo for over a decade, it will get a new look and an altered name on May 23.

The rebrand officially shortens the name to "Encyclo", reducing the number of syllables by 50 percent from six to three. The new name has been used by the channel as a nickname for a long time.

The new look positions the channel under the tagline La chaîne de science, which literally means "The Science Channel". The logo consists of the name in white against a background with different blue colours. It also includes an ellipse which reminds one of orbits, which is something that appears often in science.

French media reported about the changes on May 4. Le Zapping du PAF has posted a video with some examples of on-screen presentation.

Current logo.
Le Zapping du PAF

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