Thursday, May 26, 2011

New logo: KMH - Swedish Royal College of Music

The Royal College of Music, or Kungliga musikhögskolan (KMH), is one of the leading music education institutions in Sweden. On May 5, KMH presented a new visual identity. It was created by Stockholm Design Lab (SDL), who were was selected from seven agencies.

Previous logo.

The previous identity was developed in 1998. Since then, the college has gone through many changes, and it is also planning for a new building. A need to better communicate the institutions core values and specificity to both domestic and international receivers was identified. Furthermore, the previous identity was mostly developed with print in mind, and was limiting when used for digital applications.

From now on, communication will put emphasis on the abbreviation KMH. Unlike the full names, it works in many languages. The visual identity intends to be both formal and playful, and to express creativity and openness.

If you know and admire SDL's other work, you should not be disappointed. It follows a familar Scandinavian design philosophy that is unique to this agency.

Colour scale and illustration style.

Typefaces: Graphik for headlines, Mercury for body text

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Examples of applications.

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Creative musical still lifes

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Typical imagery.

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