Monday, May 2, 2011

New logo: Msheireb Properties

Dohaland is a subsidiary of the non-profit Qatar Foundation, launched in 2009 and concerned with urban development with a Qatari flare. On April 26, it rebranded and changed its name to Msheireb Properties. The new name comes from Musheireb, a development project to reinvigorate a downtown area in Doha, the first such project launched by the company.

The old Musheireb area was built around a well, and this is a clear inspiration for the brand mark. The circular form can respresent "both the ancient stone well and a window to the future, promising opportunity yet rooted in solid foundations". The olive green colour represents sustainabaility.

Brash Brands has taken credit for the rebrand work. The agency has been busy lately; its rebrand for dnata was launched in the same week, as reported on this blog.

Previous Dohaland logo.

From a press release issued by Msheireb Properties:
As part of its planned future growth strategy and line with focus on its heritage and proud Qatari identity, Dohaland announced today that it is rebranding the company to Msheireb Properties. The linkage of the new brand name to the company’s first development Msheireb is intended to celebrate the saliency and significance of the signature project in the continual evolution of the company.

‘We see this new identity as a symbol of Qatari pride,’ says Eng Issa M. Al Mohannadi, CEO of Msheireb Properties (formerly Dohaland).” We have recently embarked on a review of our corporate brand identity to ensure its alignment to our future growth plans and optimise its reflection of our corporate values. The new identity underscores our endeavor to remain true to our roots at a time when we are setting new benchmarks in the development of sustainable, culturally sensitive urban developments. Being true to our roots also provides us with a sense of continuity as we pursue our growth strategy. We remain committed to who are as a company, what we stand for and our responsibilities towards our stakeholders”.

The new brand name is inspired by the location of the company’s first project. The old downtown district of Msheireb grew up around a single well whose generous reserves inspired a community to put down roots, creating the city’s first suburb. Today, that site is turning into the world’s first fully sustainable downtown regeneration project. The name, speaks of flowing energy and vigorous life, giving a clue to the ambitious plans for the 31-hectare site.

The interpretation of the brand mark connects the name Msheireb explicitly to the well and project.The circular brand mark represents both the ancient stone well and a window to the future, promising opportunity yet rooted in solid foundations. Its form echoes the gathering of people, communities, society, architecture, sustainability and culture that are fundamental influences in Msheireb Properties’ developments. The use of olive green reflects the company’s focus on sustainability and the environment; a very public commitment to find more effective, efficient and sustainable ways to live within urban communities.

Msheireb Properties press release (archive)

The previous identity had been used since the company was founded. The following explantion of it was published on Dohaland's website:

Dohaland aims to ‘’Enable people and communities to achieve, succeed and flourish’’ and as a brand is committed to delivering compelling and consistent brand experiences. We intend to give back to the community and utilise resources in an optimal and responsible manner. We will always strive to achieve long-term growth by pursuing and developing high-potential assets in a balanced portfolio of property development projects.

We aim to be one of the leading brands in the country, supporting the development of a new Qatar, working for long-term sustainability worldwide, rooted in traditional values and culture. This is reflected in the creative Dohaland logo design which is modern and complemented by touches of our rich Arabic Architectural Heritage.

The logo is designed to substantiate the philosophy on which Dohaland is based, representing an enduring quality of solidity and strength, with an inspirational circular portal on the letter “d” - a window to future potentials and opportunities, and the colour green that resonates with the environment and overall sustainability.

We believe that a brand is a promise that must be kept, and delivered consistently. Thus, the logo is summated by the brand signature Flourish; a commitment by Dohaland to enable people and communities to achieve, succeed and flourish.

At Dohaland we support our brand promise by contributing to enrich social dynamism, cultural heritage and quality of life, and inspiring people to grow and realize their full potential.

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