Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New logo: NIG

The trading name NIG stands for The National Insurance and Guarantee Corporation Ltd, an insurance company in the United Kingdom specialised in business insurance. It is a subsidiary of The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

Recently, it revealed a new logo which removes the RBS "daisy wheel" symbol which has been a part of the NIG logo since April 2006. It has been reported that RBS are planning to sell of their insurance division, and this makes it necessary to remove references to RBS in affected logos. NIG has also gone through an extensive restructuring of its regional organisation.

The logo contains a sharper wordmark in white in a slanted square. The purple colour and the triangle element in the I from the previous logo are carried over and revitalised.

UK media reported on the logo change this week, May 9 and 10.

Insurance Age
Insurance Times
Post Online
Press release (archive)

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