Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New logo: PL2011.eu - Polish EU presidency

This article was originally published on May 12, but is re-published here as it was lost in the Blogger crash.

The European Union has two legislative bodies, one being the European Parliament which represents the peple, the other being the European Council which represents the national governments. Since it was created in the 1950s, the presidency of the council has rotated between the governments of different member states every six months. Over time, the counsil presidency has become a source of great pride and a chance to set the agenda for whoever is holding it.

Because of this, it has also become a tradition for the different governments to create a new logo to symbolize their presidency, tapping into the creative resources of the individual countries. This has lead to the creation of several interesting logos. With the plans to drastically reduce the significance of the presidency, and the introduction of a generic "ribbon" logo which was used by Spain, Belgium and Hungary during their presidencies, I somewhat assumed that this waste of taxpayer money was sadly coming to an end.

However, Poland seems to disagree, and yesterday they presented a new unique logo which will signify their presidency, which will start on July 1. It was very much inspired by the logo of Solidarność, the independent trade union which helped free Poland and Eastern Europe from communism. The designer behind it is also the same. Jerzy Janiszewski, who designed the Solidarność logo in 1980, has created a logo made up of six arrow head figures holding hands. One of the figures is holding a Polish flag, which is borrowed from the 1980 logo, as is the brush paint style.

The Solidarność logo

The values expressed in the logo are dynamics, postive energy and solidarity. It should also express that Poland is a young state, capable of initiating positive change in Europe.

Polish presidency (in Polish) (archive)
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