Thursday, May 19, 2011

New logo: Two Heavens Creation

Two Heavens Creation is a collaboration project which seeks to promote cultural collaboration between Austria and China. It was created last year by an agreement between China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts from China and Wien Holding and Wiener Stadthalle Betriebs- und Veranstaltungs from Austria.

The logo for this project was created by Pentagram in Berlin by Justus Oehler and his team. The symbol represents the project through letters and symbolism. Two letters H (for "Heaven") lean over to form a bridge (probably representing cooperation). The bridge can also be read as a C, for creation. A "sunburst" gradient goes from red (present in the flags of Austria and China) to yellow.

The symbol on its own.
I don't know when this was launched. Pentagram's case study was published on April 27, but it is possible that the identity was launched well before that.

Pentagram (archive)

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