Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New logo: Ankabut

A "National research and education network" (NREN) is an Internet network set up to support academic institutions. Most countries have their own national NREN. In the United Arab Emirates, the NREN is called ANKABUT, which means "spider".

Recently, the network got a new brand identity. It was created by Brash Brands, who announced their work through a press release on May 19, but it seems it had been around for a while before that.

A previous logo.
The rebrand replaces an inconsistent, outdated and technology-minded logo with something more contemporary. Brash Brands offers the following explantion of their symbol:
Taking from this new initiative's vision of providing endless possibilities primarily through collaboration, the brandmark represents a living and breathing ecosystem where multiple pathways interconnect and exchange information and knowledge. Supporting this, the wordmark has been designed to incorporate modern and user friendly aesthetic cues apparent from its crafted typographic curvature and spatial consideration.
Flick: Logo animation
Brash Brand press release

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