Friday, June 17, 2011

New logo: Empire Life

The Canadian life insurance company Empire Life unveiled a new visual identity on Thursday, June 16. The new symbol is made up of what is reportedly three waterdrops, representing integrity, care and partnership.

Previous logo.

As Empire Life calls itself Empire Vie in French-speaking Canada, there is also a French version of the new logo.

From an Empire Life press release:
The company has introduced a new visual identity as a signal that further changes are underway to provide customers with a higher level of expertise, and simple, easy-to-understand information and solutions.

"The world of financial services has become a very complex place," says Les Herr, President and CEO. "We need to make it easier for our customers to make smart, informed financial decisions that will help them build wealth and protect their financial security for the long-term. We are working hard in every area of our company to provide a better experience for our customers and distribution partners."

"This is a journey and our new visual identity is simply a signal of what we're doing within our organization to deliver on our promise," says Herr. "But we're still the same company at heart. We'll continue to be the type of company our customers and distribution partners want to do business with, with competitive products and with people who are approachable, available and ready to help."

The company's new logo features a circular symbol made up of three waterdrops, one blue and two green. Together, they symbolize integrity, care and partnership. The company's website,, has also been refreshed with the new look and feel, new content and improved navigation.

Empire Life press release (archive)
Empire Life - Building our brand

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