Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New logo: Mango

The Spanish fashion company Mango opened its first store in 1984, and has since grown continously. Today they claim to have over 2,000 stores in 105 countries. During a fashion show in Paris in May, Mango launched a new logo.

Previous logo.

The previous wordmark used an edgy stencil typeface. The new typeface is "clearer and simpler", but keeps some of the stencil effect with a few balanced "cuts" in the letterforms.

Some reports suggest the new logo was unveiled during the fashion show on May 17. The oldest articles I've found that mention the new logo date May 26.

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  1. The new logo looks streamlined but the old logo serves a better impact than its predecessor. Even though the new logo might fit perfectly into the "minimalistic", "surgically clean" concept, the stencil effect seemed a little bit off in the overall look. I got my business logo design redesigned for a relaunch and the logo received generally favourable reviews which was a relief. I got to thank the logo design team at http://www.logodesigncreation.com for their superb work in designing the new logo in a short amount of time. They are probably the best online logo design service website out there. For Mango, I guess only time will tell whether or not fans of the brand will like it or not. I'm still kinda on the fence on it. It might take time for me to be fully invested into liking it.