Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New logo: MNP

Meyers Norris Penny is a national Canadian chartered accounting firm, one of the largest such firms in the country, originally founded in 1945. Yesterday, June 6, the company changed its name to its initals, MNP, and presented a new logo.

The new logo is a simple rendering of the new company name in slanted green letters. An important objective has been to create a logo with high legibility, as it will now represent the official company name.

The company claims the previous logo was created in 1997. It was ligature of the company's initials, which contained an arrow to signify growth.

The company has published a long video which explains the changes in detail.

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Logo derivations.

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Randy Mowat, Vice President of Marketing, with a bunch of rejected logo proposals.

MNP News release
MNP Notice Something Different
Calgary Herald

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