Thursday, June 9, 2011

New logo: Mountain West Conference

The Mountain West Conference is the youngest American college athletic conference, covering institutions from the mountain and Western regions. This Monday, June 6, Mountain West revealed its first new logo since its establishment in 1999. It was created by an agency called Loma Media.

The new symbol has already received the official nickname "The Rock", and consists of the letters M and W standing "shoulder to shoulder". The gray-purple color scheme is kept. The mountain range is removed, and the word "West" becomes bigger, giving the two regions more equal prominence in the logo.

Previous logo.

The previous logo had been used since the conference was formed and was unveiled on January 14, 1999. It was credited to R&R Advertising in Las Vegas.

The new logo is scheduled for launch on July 1.

Some quotes on the new logo:
"The unique logo itself is a strong symbol of a league on the rise, invoking comparisons to stately campus buildings and the Rock of Gibraltar. It is unlike any other conference mark. Reflecting the expanded membership from the mountains to the ocean and addressing the previous prevalence of mountain imagery and word marks, the letters representing 'Mountain' and 'West' are given equal weight and dimension." - Press release

"We're confident it's a brand that's going to grow and one we're very happy with. It symbolizes the strength and unity of the Mountain West going forward and gives us a basis for laying the foundation when (Fresno State, Hawaii and Nevada) join us in 2012."

"It's going to take a while for people to understand the MW. The old logo served us very well, but it was also a little busy. I think if you look at other league logos, very seldom do you see the word conference. We're now the MW; the Mountain West." - Commissioner Craig Thompson in an article

"In terms of agreeing it was time to refresh the logo, there was never any controversy (on the part of presidents or athletic directors) about that. From a parochial standpoint, one of the reasons I like this is because the old logo was a very Mountain-centric logo. This gives equal billing to the West." - Dr. Stephen Weber, member of Mountain West's Board of Directors

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  1. Sure looks a lot like the Dr. Who logo on BBC. Wonder how long it will last.