Friday, June 3, 2011

New logo: MuchMusic

MuchMusic is a Canadian cable television channel dedicated to music and music-related programming. Launched in 1984, it was clearly inspired by MTV in the United States, which Canadians couldn't watch because of the country's peculiar broadcasting regulations.

Recently, MuchMusic launched a new logo which can be seen above. It is much simpler and elegant than the cartoonish "planet" logo the channel has used until now. The version above uses various pastel colors, but there are also single color variants in use.

Previous logo.

The "planet" logo was first introduced around 1996/1997. Its compisition and colors have been altered slightly through the years.

An even older version of the planet logo, used by the U.S. version which is now known as Fuse.

Wikipedia claims the new logo was launched on April 1. (It doesn't back that claim up, but I have reason to believe the new logo was probably around by then.)

If that is the case, the rebrand coincided with the renaming of MuchMusic's parent company from CTVglobemedia to Bell Media. Unfortunately, there wasn't much media coverage of the MuchMusic rebrand.

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