Monday, June 20, 2011

New logo: Rosbank

Rosbank (Росбанк in Russian) is a Russian commercial bank, which is a part of the French financial group Société Générale. It is currently is the process of merging with another Russian subsidiary of the same company, Banque Société Générale Vostok (Банк Сосьете Женераль Восток, BSGV). With this consolidation comes a rebrand. The Rosbank name will be kept, but the new logo take the typeface and red-and-black square symbol used by Société Générale.

While the decision to consolidate Société Générale's assets in Russia was done in February 2010, the new logo was unveiled on April 13, 2011, at a press conference in Moscow. It is yet to be launched on the Rosbank and BSGV web sites. According to a press release, an information campaign has been underway in Rosbank offices since April and May. One can expect that the new symbol will formally replace the old logos when the merger is completed in July. In the autumn, the bank plans to launch an ad campaign and start replacing bank signs, a process which should be completed next year.

The rebrand work has been done in-house and outside professionals and consultants from both France and Russia. It is not uncommon for the Société Générale to be used together with local names, other examples can be found in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Moldova and Greece.

Current Rosbank logo.

Rosbank claims their previous logo was introduced in 2005 as an update of a logo from 1998.

Older Rosbank logo.

BSGV logo.

Russians may already be familiar with the red and black square, as it had been used by BSGV since it was founded. One can note that the BSGV logo was never updated to use the new corporate typeface that Société Générale introduced recently.

The logo of Societe Generale.
The following images were published by Rosbank in different publications:

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An ad that informs about the changes.

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This set was used at press conferences held to unveil the logo.

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New cards.

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Bank sign mock-up.

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Another bank sign mock-up.

April 13/14
Press release (archive)
Rosbank Journal (pdf, Russian) (archive)
Rosbank Journal (pdf, Russian) (archive)
Реальный Бизнес

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