Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New logo: Ruch

Ruch is a major Polish newspaper distributor and retailer which maintains an extensive network of newspaper kiosks around the country with thousands of outlets. Its brandsis almost universally recognized by Poles. During the Communist era, it held a monopoly on newspaper distribution in the country. It remained a government owned company until last year, when the government sold its majority stake. Yesterday, June 21, the company unveiled a new logo and a new kiosk design.

Previous logo.

The new logo is a restrained redesign og the previous logo. A press release stresses that the solid foundation in the Ruch brand will be maintained and used to build "a new quality of costumer service".

The kiosks used to be green, but the are now grey. Grey was chosen because a neutral color gives better exposure to the products.

The following images were published by Ruch's press service.

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New kiosk.

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New kiosk.

Ruch attempted to introduce a new logo earlier, back in November 2007. It was created by Aart Design and consisted of a big orange R in a green circle, taking inspiration from a classic logo from 1925. However, it seems like it was never implemented in full.

RUCH press release (archive)
Mediarun Gospodarka

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