Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New logo: SATS

SATS is a Singaporean aviation services company, which provides ground handling and catering on 35 airports in Asia-Pacific. SATS used to be a part of the Singapore Airlines Group, and the abbreviation used to stand for Singapore Airport Terminal Services, but the two companies have been separated and the full name isn't used anymore.

Yesterday, June 7, SATS launched a new brand identity. The logo is a filled red circle with white lowercase letters placed asymmetrically inside it. The circular form represents both a sphere, for an aspired global presence, and a modern interpretation of a seal of approval. (A more detailed explanation below)

The previous identity was created by Singapore-based Ukulele Brand Consultants and launched on November 15, 2005. It was the company's first independent identity. The logo used before 2005 was derived from the Singapore Airlines logo.

The following explanations of the logo come from a fact sheet that was attached to the press release:
  • "At the core of the new visual identity is SATS’ aspiration to establish a global presence as one of the largest services companies in the world as well as to offer integrated solutions to complex requirements and provide excellent service to its customers. These are symbolised with the use of the iconic sphere which represents a seal of quality.
  • The use of crimson reflects the way SATS staff deliver their service with warmth and passion to create memorable experiences for end-users.
  • Customer intimacy as well as excellence in service delivery has always been integral to SATS’ success. The facing letters “s” and “a” denote the constant dialogue SATS has with its partners and customers; anticipating and providing consistent, premium and innovative solutions for their needs.
  • The typeface used in the new logo is contemporary and the name “SATS” is positioned asymmetrically within the sphere. This reflects the dynamism of SATS and how it continually seeks creative ways to delight customers with game-changing innovations to sustain and improve its service and product offerings."
The 2005 logo was launched with a brand concept called "One With You", and also came with a detailed explanation:
"The new stylized logo embodies our people-focused belief, conveying a gracious, friendly and confident persona. Together with the new brand promise ‘One With You’, the new SATS image is all about fostering human affinity.

The primary radiant orange in the logo exemplifies the SATS brand as a service company that is energetic, vibrant and personable, whilst the secondary warm grey exudes service sophistication that is firmly embedded in a strong foundation.

With a customized font style that is fluid, contemporary and simplistic, the brand mark reflects SATS’ people-oriented philosophy.

Above all else, the new stylized SATS logo epitomizes the overall brand spirit of oneness and human affinity."
Press release 2011 (archive)
Press release 2005 (archive)
Channel News Asia

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  1. The new brand identity launched in 2011 was developed by DIA Brands following the take-over of Singapore Food Industries (SFI) by SATS. A new consistent brand identity and naming was adopted across both the SATS Food and SATS Gateway divisons and supported by a new brand essence 'passion to delight' expressing SATS aim to delight all its customers under both divisions.