Friday, June 10, 2011

New logo: Ukrnafta

Ukrnafta is largest producer of oil and gas in the Ukraine. On Wednesday, June 8, it unveiled a new logo. The new logo is a more modern, stylized and standardized interpretation of the company's previous logo and was created by the Kiev design studio BelkaStrelka.

Previous logo.

The previous logo was a complex emblem with a drilling tower which included the initials У and Н, with two drops on the sides. The type seen above doesn't seem to have been a permanent part of the logo.

"While the new logo retains the general characteristics of the previous one, the new logo is a more clear, modern and recognizable expression of the core businesses and geography of Ukrnafta. The triangle, filled up with color, as a symbol of the oil&gas fields, reflects the company’s business profile, and the spherical form implies the broad and integrated scope of its activities.

The logo is part of an ongoing effort to improve Ukrnafta’s communication approach and will be supplemented with the launch of a new website in the short term." - Press release

Press release (English) (archive)
Press release (Ukrainian) (archive)

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