Thursday, July 7, 2011

New logo: Atos

Last week, on July 1, the global IT company Atos Origin announced that it had finalized its aquistion of Siemens IT Solutions and Services. With the merger, the company took the opportunity to drop "Origin" from its name and introduce a new corporate identity.

Although based in France and listed on Euronext Paris, Atos is a truly global company, which claims to have 78,500 employeees in 42 countries. Atos has been the Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic Games since 2002.

Atos Origin logo.

The new corporate identity means a farewell to the tropical fish that has been with the company since May 1997 when the name Atos was introduced after the merger of Sligos and Axime. Back then, it was said to symbolize "mobility, responsiveness and vitality". When Atos and Origin merged in 2000, the fish was carried on to the merged corporate identity.

Atos logo from 1997.

The press release about the merger also mentions the rebrand:
Atos – a new brand
During the Extraordinary General Meeting, Thierry Breton revealed the Company’s new name and brand ‘Atos’. It has been created to strengthen market positioning and highlight the Company’s commitment to its clients and its corporate values – accountability, trust, operational competitiveness, service to clients, innovation, social well being and excellence.

The Atos brand brings together the heritage of Atos Origin TO Siemens IT Solutions and Services. It represents the Company’s vision to create the firm of the future where people, technology and business work together to accelerate progress. It also highlights its belief to strive to power sustainable progress and its ambition to be a trusted partner of choice for clients and the best place to work for its business technologists.

An example of a division logo, this one is for Atos Consulting & Technology Services.

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Cover of a corporate brochure.

Atos corporate brochure (archive)
Atos press release 1
Atos press release 2
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  1. I must add that the logo and the new visual identity of Atos was created by the French branding agency Royalties

    Than you

  2. Its awesome to be working here ! :-)

  3. How about "ATOS - we don't give ATOS".