Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New logo: Avio

Avia is an Italian aerospace company, which produces parts for both civil and military aircrafts. It was a part of the Fiat Group until 2003, when its was sold to private equity. Yesterday, July 25, Avia launched a new identity yesterday, developed by the Italian design agency Ineditha.

Previous logo.
The previous logo was introduced when the company separated from Fiat and changed its name from FiatAvio. The double-wings were also used in the last FiatAvio logo. In the new logo, both the wingspans and the wordmark have been given a much needed update.

The following quote comes from the press relase provides further information.
The Avio logo, having undergone a restyling, today adopts a new character, which expresses speed and lightness, like a slipstream in the sky. The traditional wings, stylised for added dynamism and personality, move to the right to convey the idea of evolution and development towards new and wider horizons.

The new logo, which all employees helped choose, aims to embody the values that have made Avio a key player in the global aerospace industry: the continuous striving for innovation; its international character; the reliability and team spirit when working in partnership with clients, suppliers and institutions.

“This is a first, important step in communicating to the market with greater determination the values that guide our Group, which is today a reference at international level in the design and production of essential modules for aeroengines” explained Francesco Caio, Avio Chief Executive Officer.

Press release (archive)
Press release pdf (archive)
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