Monday, July 11, 2011

New logo: Bennigan's (2010)

The American Irish-themed restaurant chain Bennigan's has struggled financially in the last few years, with continous reports about bankruptcy. Perhaps in an attempt to bounce back, last year, the chain launched a new visual identity.

The new logo is a clean break with three decades of swirly "tavern-style" typography, instead going for individualistic slab serif letterforms. The logo can also include a pint of beer, which for some reason has a B from the old logo on it.

The oldest dated use of this logo I've found is from November last year, from a report about the opening of a new restaurant with an updated design. However, it is possible that the new logo was introduced several months before that. I haven't found any media mention of the rebrand.

Previous logo.
The previous logo had been used with minor alterations since the mid-1990s. The logo used before that was introduced in the late 1970s or early 1980s, initially including the word "Tavern".

Logo used until the mid-1990s.

Some visuals of the new identity:

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Exterior of a new restaurant.

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Logo without the beer.

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Cover of a menu.

Bennigans article about a new restaurant design (November 2010) (archive)

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