Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New logo: Gitanjali Group

Gitanjali Group is an Indian jewellery maker, which claims to be "the world’s largest branded jewellery retailer". Last Thursday, June 30, its new corporate identity was unveiled by the actress Katrina Kaif at a ceremony. The new look is credited to JWT.

Previous logo.

The following excerpt from a press release issued June 30 provides further details on the rebrand:

Global, contemporary and dynamic – these are some of the key attributes of the new brand identity and logo. Its stylised, international look is a new milestone in the Group’s journey from being a diamond and jewellery manufacturer-exporter to becoming the world’s largest branded jewellery retailer operating in diverse markets and offering the widest array of jewellery brands to consumers in the luxury lifestyle space both in India and abroad.

The new identity, which has been created by JWT, enhances the emerging personality of the brand – that has today become synonymous with luxury, creativity, craftsmanship, glamour and leadership. It links the legacy of integrity, trust and a commitment to quality that has been the Group’s hallmark over the years, to its more recent dynamic expansion, and its repositioning to cater more effectively to the ever expanding luxury and lifestyle needs of consumers in India and other important markets across the globe and its vision to establish itself as a leading luxury conglomerate.

The Group has also revamped the colour palette of its identity – while the core Group logo uses a combination of maroon and gold to emphasize class, style, craftsmanship and heritage, the two retail identities – Gitanjali Jewels and Gitanjali Lifestyle have also been given new distinct looks. Gitanjali Jewels, which will be focused on jewellery, will now have a striking red which is a younger looking and more vibrant tone of the original colour and Gitanjali Lifestyle, which will offer lifestyle accessories, will use a shade of blue representing the mature and stylish offerings of the lifestyle business.

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A picture from the unveiling, published by Gitanjali Group.

Gitanjali Group press release
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