Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New logo: RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group

Last year, the Indian businessman Rama Prasad Goenka announced that his industrial conglomerate RPG Group would be split between his two sons. The part given to his older son, Harsh, keeps the RPG brand name, while the younger brother, Sanjiv, would have to get a new name. Sanjiv's company is called RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, and has a diverse portfolio, which includes retail chains, music publishers, a carbon black maker, power utilities and infrastructure.

The Mumbai agency Design Law & Kenneth was given the assignment to create the new visual identity in April. The result of their work was unveiled and launched on July 13. It includes a colourful symbol called the "Dhanuchakra".

The new symbol can be used on its own.

The new corporate website of the group, as well the websites of its subsidiaries, have been given a flash intro where the symbol moves around on the screen, while the following for captions appear:
This is an icon of focus and speed that drives every business.
Of promises made and delivered. Of innovation that never ceases.
Of legacy that has stood the test of time and future that we will create.
This is the symbol of India's youngest business group, born in 1820.
These two statements provide more information of the logo's symbolism:
"I am happy and delighted to present before you the new Group identity of the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group. The new logo takes birth from an arrow head which personifies speed, progressiveness and focus. Six such arrow heads converge at a "common goal" forming the Dhanuchakra - the logo identity of the Group." - Sanjiv Goenka in a press release

"The logo and identity represent a young and vibrant business group focused on growth through sunrise industries. The values of dynamism, progressiveness and humaneness are imbibed in the logo" - Law & Kenneth CEO Anil Nair in a press release

The RPG logo.

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  1. Feels way too generic and the gradients are a bit naff and there are some glaring letter spacing issues in the 'Goenka'

  2. Apparently, the company used two different versions of its new logo, one which contained the spacing issues you talk about, and one which used a different typeface with less narrow spacing. Although I first posted the first version, it seems like the second version was the 'proper' one. I've edited the article to include the correct logo now.

  3. it is same logo like ...http://www.magnettechnologies.com/index.htm