Friday, July 29, 2011

New logo: Stuffer Vivita

Stuffer is a specialised dairy company in South Tyrol in northern Italy. Recently, it unveiled a new look for its Vivita brand, a line of "healthy" dairy products with low fat and added bacterial cultures and vitamins, which includes yoghurts, probiotic drinks and cottage cheese.

The new logo includes a measuring tape, to show that the products are ideal "for those who love physical fitness and a natural and healthy lifestyle", but of copurse also to highlight the low percentage of fat. Other than that, the logo remains mostly the same. The new packaging also remains very similar to its predecessor.

Previous logo. (Apologies for the low resolution)
A press release about the logo change was sent out on July 28, and by then new the packaging had already been in stores for a few days.

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New packaging.

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Previous packaging.
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