Friday, July 15, 2011

New logo: SureJet

In November last year, the American regional airline Atlantic Southeast Airlines bought its competitor ExpressJet. On Wednesday, July 13, the corporate identity for the merged airline was announced.

The new airline will be called SureJet, and its logo will combine aspects from both Atlantic Southeast and ExpressJet. The icon used in Atlantic Southest is kept and modified slightly by smoothing out some of the corners. The new italic wordmark is said to be inspired by the old ExpressJet logo, although the two typefaces are of course very different.

Update July 15: The SureJet name has been retracted by Atlantic Southeast management, reportedly because of negative comments online. The press release has been removed from their official website. (Thanks to an anonomous commenter for the tip!)

Atlantic Southeast logo.
ExpressJet logo.

From a press release issued on July 13.
“A key part of our merger is developing a truly unified company for the long-term benefit of our business and our people,” said Brad Holt, president & COO. “One way to foster unity is by establishing an altogether new company name that is representative of all our employees, instead of asking half of our people to adopt an existing name and history as their own.”

According to Holt, “SureJet” was developed using front-line employee feedback about qualities and characteristics such as assurance, reliability and trustworthiness, which Atlantic Southeast and ExpressJet people say they stand for and that the airline is committed to. Additionally, the new brand identity combines current branding elements from both airlines.

About the SureJet brand identity:

While the combined airline will be known by an altogether new name, qualities from the current Atlantic Southeast and ExpressJet brands were used to create the combined airline’s new logo.
  • Icon
    A modified icon from the current Atlantic Southeast brand identity will be used in the SureJet logo.
    • Red is a color that denotes strength and boldness, characteristics that the people of our combined airline personify on a daily basis, and that the airline stands for as it works to become the world’s first super regional carrier.
    • The forward-moving box continues to represent our momentum and direction as a combined company.
    • The modified curved edge of the box reflects ExpressJet brand elements.
    • The modified grey bar continues to represent our business partners we rely on to be successful. The design also reflects ExpressJet brand elements.
  • Type Font
    • Similar to the ExpressJet logo font, the SureJet font has forward-moving momentum. It is bold, strong and confident to balance our icon and reflect these characteristics of the combined airline.
  • Tag Line: Partner. Ally. Friend.
    • The combined airline is focused on being a strong partner to mainline carriers, an ally passengers can rely on and a friend employees can trust.

Atlantic Southeast press release (archive)


  1. This re-branding is on hold due to massive employee backlash.


    It appears that ASA will use the ExpressJet name on December 31st, 2011, reported on Atlantic Southeast Airlines' website on October 14th.