Friday, July 29, 2011

New logos: Bid Shopping

Sit-up Channels is a British company which operates three shopping channels, that mostly sell items thorough a "falling auction" format, that I can't be bothered to understand. The first channel, then known as Bid-up TV, started in 2000, and was followed by Price-drop TV in 2003 and Speed Auction TV in 2005, all three using some variation of the auction format.

This week, the company announced that it was going to change its name to "Bid Shopping" and introduce new consistent looks for all its three channels and the website The new look is scheduled to launch on August 1. As you can see, the channel logos are boxes seen from the side. The "TV" suffix has been removed from all channel names. The corporate logo contains miniature four coloured boxes, probably representing the four consumer brands.

The previous logos can be seen above. The previous logo was based on logo used by Bid-up TV when it launched in 2000 (with an on-air identity by Kemistry, by the way).

Bid TV News (archive)

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