Sunday, July 3, 2011

Olympic bid emblem: Annecy 2018

The host of the 2018 Winter Olympics is announced on July 6. Preparing for this, The Branding Source presents the emblems for the three Olympic bids.

Several French cities had expressed interest in hosting the 2018 Olympics, and after considering their opinions, the French Olympic Committee (CNOSF) decided that it would bid. In March 2009, it was anounced that Annecy, a city in the Alps with 50,000 inhabitants, would be the French applicant.

The first logo used for Annecy's attempt to host the Olympics was introduced in 2008, before they had even been recognised by their national Olympic committee as an applicant. Annecy is situated by a lake with mountains around it, and the logo featured mountains and a lake.

The first Annecy 2018 logo.

What Annecy 2018 ended up using as their official applicant logo was a more modern version of its first logo. It was unveiled at a ceremony on the morning of December 1, 2009.
"More modern and more dynamic, the new bid logo expresses the international dimension of the bid." - News article form Annecy 2018
The lake and the mountains were updated and five lines were added. Although the typographic treatment of "Annecy 2018" remained in essence, it was polished somewhat, ironing out some curls, giving the entire logo a look more fitting for a modern sports brand.
The offical applicant logo.
The Olympic rings were added after the IOC declared Annecy an official candidate city in June 2010.

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