Monday, July 4, 2011

Olympic bid emblem: Munich 2018

The host of the 2018 Winter Olympics is announced on July 6. Preparing for this, The Branding Source presents the emblems for the three Olympic bids.

Despite being a major winter sports nation, Germany has only hosted the Winter Olympics once, and that was in 1936. Should Munich win the games, they would be the first nation to host both a Winter and a Summer game, as they hosted the Summer games in 1972.

The logo for Munich's application was unveiled on October 16, 2009, just as the IOC had announced that Munich had officially become an applicant city. The logo was selected through an online poll involving three suggestions. The winning design was a stylised M, which could also be likened to the mountains around the city and the roof of the Olympiapark, which was constructed for the 1972 games.

Applicant logo.

When it was unveiled, the logo included a colourful stylised snowflake. It was replaced by the Olympic rings in June 2010 when the IOC declared Munich an official candidate city.

Logopraesentation der Bewerbungsgesellschaft Muenchen 2018
The unveiling of the logo.

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Balloons with the applicant city logo on them.

These were the three suggestions the public could choose from:

Suggestion 1.

Suggestion 2.

Suggestion 3.

München 2018 newsletter November 2009 (archive)
München 2018 newsletter July 2010 (archive)
Flickr set from the unveiling
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