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TV logo roundup: January-June 2011

TV branding is an exciting and vibrant field, something which is reflected on this blog, where television branding is easily the most frequently featured subject. To help you keep up with what has happened lately, here is a compilation of new logos for television broadcasters that have been launched or revealed during the first half of this year.

If there's and article about it on the blog about a particular rebrand, you can click on the logo to read it. I've also included some links to other design blogs and branding websites.

Discovery HealthOprah Winfrey Network

One of the year's first TV launches was the long-awaited Oprah Winfrey Network which launched on January 1, replacing Discovery Health. It launched with on-air graphics created by Bigsmack, based on an original logo from Bruce Mau Design.


Another New Year's Day rebrand was the German music TV channel Viva, which was relaunched when its sister channel MTV Germany moved from free TV to pay TV. The logo was perhaps nothing special when unveiled in November, but it would turn out that the on-air package would leave a lasting impression.
Brand New
Art & Business of Motion

Comedy CentralComedy Central

The new "Comedymark" created a lot of buzz when it was unveiled on December 9. Behind it was the New York agency The Lab.It finally replaced the old Comedy Central logo in early January.

ORF1ORF eins

ORF1, the first channel of the Austrian public broadcaster, announced that it was rebranding in mid-December, but it didn't launch until January 8. The new look was created with DMC and UnitedSenses.


Eleven is a new free Australian TV channel targeting young people. The logo was unveiled way back in August, but the actual channel didn't launch until January 11.
Art & Business of Motion

The Canadian Family channel got a new look on January 11 when it started its HD service.


The Swedish TV4 Group decided to relaunch its youth channel TV400 as TV11. The logo was leaked on the channel's Facebook page on November 26. TV11 launched on January 19 with an on-air graphics package that made the logo look somewhat more interesting.

FitTVDiscovery Fit & Health

When the Oprah Winfrey Network replaced Discovery Health (see above), the programming that used to be on that channel was immediately moved to another Discovery network called FitTV. After two weeks it was announced that FitTV would be renamed Discovery Fit & Health on February 1.

Travel ChannelTravel Channel

The Travel Channel was rebranded around late January, giving up the T symbol it had used for the last five years. Several months later we learn that the New York agency loyalkaspar was behind the entire rebrand.
Brand New

Sky1Sky 1
LivingSky Living
Sky Atlantic

An "epic" TV rebrand took place on February 1, when several channels on the pay TV platform Sky in the United Kingdom were rebranded. Several factors had accumulated that warranted this big rebrand. Sky had aquired one of its main competitors, Virgin Media Television, and needed to integrate its popular "Living" channel into the Sky family. A new "up-market" entertainment channel was in planning, following a major content agreement with HBO. Sky had also initiated a rebrand on the corporate level in late 2009, which was yet to resonate thoughout the company.

February 1 saw the launch of the new up-market channel Sky Atlantic, Living was integrated into the Sky family and renamed Sky Living, and most of Sky's entertainment, arts and movie channels got new looks.
The Ident Gallery - Sky 1
The Ident Gallery - Sky Living
The Ident Gallery - Sky Atlantic 
Art & Business of Motion - Sky Atlantic


The Australian public broadcaster ABC rebranded its first channel, ABC1, on February 6, trying to position it as "the home of intelligent entertainment" with the new tagline "Think Entertainment".
FiveChannel 5

After the European broadcasting concern RTL Group gave up on Five, the UK's fifth national television channel, the sold it to the newspaper mogul Richard Desmond. One of the first actions he took was to announce that the network would change its name back to Channel 5. A new look was launched on February 11.
The Ident Gallery
Art & Business of Motion

Odisea / OdisseiaOdisea / Odisseia
A new look for the Spanish/Portuguese documentary channel Odisea was unveiled on February 17, allegedly created by Red Bee Media.

The launch date for the upcoming 3D channel from Discovery, Sony and Imax was announced on February 10. With that announcement came the final name, 3net, and the launch logo. 3net hit the 3D screens on February 13.

On of the major broadcast networks in Mexico, Azteca Siete, rebranded with this speech balloon logo at the end of February.

The launch of Prima Love, a new digital channel for the Cezch Republic, was unveiled on February 17, along with its logo, and took place on March 8.

Comedy Central FamilyComedy Central Family (Poland)

The first country outside the United States to get the new Comedy Central logo on their screens was Poland, where the new look hit the screens on February 21. The relaunch was also applied the Comedy Central's Polish sister channel Comedy Central Family.

Canal Sur TelevisiónCanal Sur 1
Canal Sur 2Canal Sur 2

Coinciding with Andalucia Day, February 28, the public broadcaster of the Spanish Andalucia region, Canal Sur, introduced new logos for its TV channels.
Canal Sur - Sala de Prensa (archive)

Sky 3Pick TV
One month after the big rebrand of the satellite platform Sky in the United Kingdom (see above), its terrestrial free channel Sky3 was renamed Pick TV.

KinoTVNelonen Kino
Nelonen Maailma
Nelonen Perhe
On March 1, the Finnish broadcaster Nelonen expanded its pay TV portfolio by launching two new channels, the family channel Nelonen Perhe and the documentary channel Nelonen Maailma. Preparing for this, their existing TV series channel KinoTV changed its name to Nelonen Kino, and all three channels got new standardized logos. The logos were unveiled back in January when the upcoming launches were announced.

Turkey's leading satellite platform Digiturk got a new look around March, which was created by Saffron Brand Consultants.

Channel 5 in the UK (see above) also has two digital spin-off channels. Peviously known as Fiver and Five USA, they were renamed 5* and 5USA on March 7, following the rebrand of the main channel.
The Ident Gallery - 5*
The Ident Gallery - 5USA

The Brazilian cable channel GNT, which mainly targets women, got a new look in March. At the same time, the logo was updated by removing the crescent and polishing the letters.
Art & Business of Motion

Time Warner bought a bunch of Swedish cable channels last year, and on March 22 the TNT brand was introduced into the region when one of those channels was relaunched as TNT7.

Voyage, the French answer to the Travel Channel, got a new look in early March.


On March 28, Italy's seventh TV channel, La 7, launched a new identity with a refreshed logo, created by Red Bee Media.

Art & Business of Motion

Kindernet, a new Nickelodeon off-shoot in the Netherlands, was launched on April 4.

NHK BS Premium

The Japanese public broadcaster NHK consolidated its three satellite channels into two. The lineup used to consist of NHK BS1, NHK BS2 and the high-defintion channel NHK Hi-Vision, but in April they were replaced by BS1 and BS Premium, both in high-definition.


The rebrand of Australia's ABC1 (see above) was followed up with a new look for ABC2 on April 1.
Art & Business of Motion

Fox Sports NetRoot Sports

On April 1, three American regional sports networks that were previously under the Fox Sports Net (FSN) banner were rebranded as "Root Sports". Unlike other FSN networks, which are owned by Newscorp, these three has been sold to DirecTV in 2008. The visual identity and graphics package was created by Troika Design Group.

OLNOLN (Canada)

The Canadian outdoor adventure network got a new look around March-April, its first new logo since 2005.


A big rebrand the Europeans sports network Eurosport was launched on April 5. Behind it was the French agency Les Telécréateurs.
Art & Business of Motion

CBS College SportsCBS Sports Network

The CBS College Sports Network became the CBS Sports Network on April 4, with a fairly standard brand identity.

The German state broadcaster ZDF replaced its theatre channel with a broader cultural channel called zdf.kultur on May 7.

HD TheaterVelocity

On April 14, Discovery Communications announced that they were going to rebrand their HD showcase network HD Theater as an "upscale male lifestyle network" called Velocity with much automotive programming. The rebrand is scheduled for the fourth quarter this year.

MuchMusic, the Canadian answer to MTV, gave up its cartoonish planet logo for something more stylish.

Antena 2Antena 2

The Romanian celebrity channel Antena 2 got a new look created by Red Bee Media, which reportedly launched on April 9.

One HDOne

Australia's One HD was launched in 2009 as a free channel with lots of quality sports available in high-defintion to everyone. Of course, something that awesome couldn't be financially viable, and it was relaunched on May 8 with a more general line-up targeting young males.

AnimaxSony Spin
AXN Black

Sony's Animax brand disappeared from TV screens in two areas. In Latin America, Animax was replaced by the youth channel Sony Spin on May 1, while on May 9 the Portuguese version became the drama channel AXN Black, which is expected to roll out to other European countries later on.

A new US-Hispanic version of the National Geographic Channel was announced on April 4, with a tentative launch on July 1. It is called Nat Geo Mundo.

Science ChannelScience

One of the most attention-grabbing rebrands of the year was the Science Channel in the United States, which on April 5 announced that it would shorten its name to Science and start using a grey-black blob called "Morph" as its logo. When first presented, it came with a bunch of cool channel IDs where the blob was animated, but when the channel eventually relaunched on June 8, a new on-air package had been created by Universal Everyting, which was arguably even more awesome.
Art & Business of Motion

TV4 PlusSjuan

On April 26, Sweden's seventh TV channel, TV4 Plus, announced that it would be changing its name the Sjuan ("the Seven") after the summer. A new logo came with the announcement.

Discovery Home & HealthDiscovery Home & Health (Latin America)
Discovery Home & Health, a thematic channel in Latin America owned by Discovery Communications, launched a new fresh look on May 3.

The French television group Canal+ owns a bunch of thematic channels in genres such as movies, sports, documnetaries, kids and comedy. On May 17, most of them were rebranded with new look and names that had been altered to include a plus-sign, clearly linking the channels to their corporate parent.
Lenodal.com - Sport+ and Infosport+
Lenodal.com - Ciné+
Lenodal.com - Comédie+
Lenodal.com - Télétoon+ and Piwi+
Lenodal.com - Planète+

SIC RadicalSIC Radical

The Portuguese youth channel SIC Radical launched a new look in May.

Universo SIC


Another French thematic channel, the documentary channel Encyclo, got a new look on May 23.


On May 24, Ketnet, the children's channel of the Flemish public broadcaster, launched a new on-screen identity created by Red Bee Media.

Red Bee Media

Viacom Blink!
Blink! is a new international television brand from Viacom that will specifically target women, complementing existing brands such as MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. It is slated for its first launch in Poland this year.
Current TVCurrent

When pundit powerhouse Keith Olbermann left MSNBC for the Al Gore's Current TV, it was a much neeeded content injection for the barely watched cable channel. With Olbermann coming to the network, Current also adopted a new look to replace it launch look from 2005. When the logo first arrived it was seen in flat form, but it later became apparent that it would be a constantly waving flag. Wolff Olins were behind the new look.

Brand New

/A\CTV Two

On May 30, it was announced that the Canadian television network /A\ would be a part of a new network called CTV Two, which will launch this fall. The name is derived from Canada's leading commercial TV network, CTV.
TV6 Poland
TV6 is a new channel on Poland's new digital terrestrial platform. It was launched on May 30.
Big Ten NetworkBig Ten Network
Big Ten Network, the TV network covering the Big Ten Conference, announced a new look. At the same time, it started referring to itself by its initials, BTN.

Kabel Eins ClassicsKabel Eins Classics
Kabel Eins Classics, a German "classic" movie channel, got a new look on June 1 to celebrate it fifth anniversary.

San Marino TV, the official TV channel of the European microstate San Marino, became available on satellie in June, and introduced a new logo in preparation for this.

On June 14, the American soccer channel Fox Soccer Channel announced that it was dropping "Channel" from its name and introducing and new look in August.

Zee NetworkZee Network

The Indian Zee Network introduced a new logo across most of its channels on June 19, including Zee TV, one of the leading TV networks in India.
Brand New

Yet, another thematic channel from France, the history channel Toute l'Histoire, got a new look in June.

And we finish with the big rebrand of MTV's international channels which took place on July 1. It came with new logos on virtually all channels, a new set of idents for the main MTV channel, and updated on-air graphics.

If there is anything in this list you feel is missing, don't hesitate to post a comment below.


  1. Hi! A regional TV in Spain called Canal Sur gave too a new look for their channels: Canal Sur 1, Canal Sur 2 and Canal Sur HD. Here they are:

    Before: http://bit.ly/ovodkt , http://bit.ly/naAE2H , http://bit.ly/oJsXn2 .

    Later: http://bit.ly/nn18yY


  2. Tohru90 said: Faltan muchos, como por ejemplo los canales satelitales de la NHK: BS1 y BS Premium...

  3. "Tohru90": Thanks for the tip, I've added the rebranded NHK channels.

    Anonymous 4:21 PM: Are there any sources for this? Canal Sur are still using the old logos on their website.

  4. Hi Simon! t's funny because I've look the website too and they didn't update the logos in there xD Here you can see some videos using them on TV:



    http://youtu.be/DMVcWJrNwjI (Andalucia TV - Sat version)


    The change was made February 28th with the 22nd anniversary of the foundation of the fisrt channel.


  5. Yeah, its weird that they haven't updated their website yet... I've added Canal Sur to the article anyway. Thanks for your help!

  6. Se te ha olvidado SIC Radical y Boing españa.

  7. Thank you Anonymous July 17! I've added SIC Radical, but couldn't find any information about Boing España rebranding this year.

  8. thank you for the fantastic blog. as a designer, i love identities. and in my hobby, I come across tv logos everyday as i create icons for different brand remotes. i receive monthly updates from around the world when new or updated channels arise. a few i missed on your list:

    S. Africa's MNet channels received brand updates:

    Universal Channel Latin America received update 2010 or 2011.

    French Trace Channels all received updates this or last year.
    French Mezzo Channel updated this or last year.

    I believe Ketnet Belgium received a rebrand this or last year.

    I believe the new Root Sports replaced FSN in 2011 in many markets.

    cheers, rc

  9. Thanks for your positive comments rc, a great way to start the day.

    I remember getting a message about Mnet rebranding, but couldn't find anything concrete on it then. I'll see if I can find more.

    Universal Channel Latin America used a logo that was already available in most other markets. Perhaps I'll do a separate post about that later.

    I think Mezzo rebranded in 2009. I'll check up on Trace, Ketnet and Root later on.