Thursday, August 18, 2011

New logo: Petco

Petco, the U.S. nationwide chain of pet stores with over 1,000 locations, announced yesterday, August 17, that they were introducing a new tagline and an updated logo. The tagline changes from "where the pets go" to "where healthy pets go", reflecting a change in direction wtih emphasis on healthy and organic products.

The logo itself has been updated by switching to lowercase. The dog and the cat, who are called "Red Ruff" and "Blue Mews", are slightly redesigned to give them a more natural look.

The new look and brand strategy was developed by Lippincott with Petco's in-house team.

Petco will start installing new signs this month. A "larger rollout" is planned for October when the company celebrates its anniversary.
"The update to our logo reflects the fresh, forward-looking company that Petco is today. Our new visual identity better reflects the new Petco – healthy, active and contemporary – while retaining the essence of the brand, its warmth and our passion for pets. As our customers sought out higher quality products for their pets, we increased the number of natural and organic pet food brands available in our stores. As sustainability became a pressing issue for many, we introduced Planet Petco, our environmentally friendly range of products. Our new logo and tagline is our way of sharing the news of our evolution with the broader pet-loving community" - Elisabeth Charles, Petco chief marketing officer, in a press release
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  1. Healthy pet on kibble? An oxymoron at its best.