Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New logo: SATS (fitness clubs)

Sats is a chain of fitness clubs (gyms) in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland). At the beginning of this year, it started implementing in a new corporate identity across the company. Behind the new look was the Swedish brand agency Essen.

While the previous identity was well-known, it was felt that it wasn't energetic or flexible enough. The new identity builds on the visual equities of the predecessor, infusing energy and flexiblity to create a consistent visual language that reflects the company's culture.

A few glimpses of the new look could be seen last year in Norway, with a full scale rebrand starting in early January.

Previous logo.
The previous logo was an orange rhombus with the name in the middle, with dots between the letters as if SATS was an acronym (which it may have been at some point).

The new updated wordmark leans forward to "express more energy". It can be used both with the rhombus and by itself. There is also a rasterized version of the wordmark, and the rhombus shape can be used on its own as a graphical element.

The new rhombus logo.
Essen also created new colours, a typographic solution and a bunch of sports-related pictograms.

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Visual toolbox.

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Digital applictions.

The images in this post were published by Sats and Essen.

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