Friday, September 2, 2011

New logo: Avios



Yesterday, September 1, the UK travel loyalty programme Airmiles announced that it was rebranding and changing its name to Avios on Novemebr 16. Airmiles is operated by British Airways subsidiary The Mileage Company, and the rebrand is linked to BA's merger with Iberia. The Avios name will replace Airmiles as well as the airline-specific BA Miles and Iberia Plus.

This also means a farewell to the classic "aviation nostalgia" logo (at least in the UK). Instead we get a more abstract greyish-blue item.

The name was selected to be used both as a name for the loyalty scheme and as a currency ("One ticket to Madrid, that'll be 7,000 avios, please!"). Both the name and the new visual identity were developed by Interbrand.

The current Airmile logo.

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