Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New logo: Bank al Etihad

Last week, on September 20, the Jordanian bank Union Bank revealed a new corporate identity. This saw the company adopt a new English brand name, Bank al Etihad, changing the English name from a translation to a transliteration of the Arabic name. The bank has also adopted a new slogan, "The Bright Choice".

Previous logo.

"Our corporate identity is inspired by Jordan; therefore, it’s driven by ambition, authenticity, and a rich ancient civilization that evolved into a unique modern setting. As for our slogan, it is drawn from Jordan’s nature and exquisite geographical formations; sand dunes in Wadi Rum, Amman’s seven mountains, and the seven-pointed star that makes our flag special, and stands for its pride.

Our new logo is also a symbol of our story; or rather a seal and a stamp of confidence. Our identity is driven by Jordan’s people, and their warm family ties. It’s a new day and an important stage to renew our commitments to clients, and promise a brighter future…hence the slogan: the Bright Choice.
" - Nadia Al Saeed, Bank al Etihad general manager
Bank al Etihad news article

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