Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New logo: Canalsat

France's leading satellite TV platform, Canalsat, has introduced a new colourful logo, an irregular colour band, ranging from grey to blue to pink, representing diversity and openness. The typeface has been used by Canalsat and its associated businesses have used since 1984, when Canal+ was founded.

French media are reporting that the new logo was created by Nude, who will also support the deployment of the new identity.

Previous logo.

The previous logo, including its globe, was probably introduced in 2009. There was also a simplified version of this logo that only featured the grey rectangle.

Before 2009, the brand identity of Canalsat, Canal+ and associated businesses was the responsibility of the French graphic designer Étienne Robial.

I can't deny that I'm happy to see the 2009 logo go, not least its messy "logo globe" that touted quantity over quality. It was a sad departure from the playful-yet-restrained elegance that had signified Robial's work for Canal+. Nude's work brings Canalsat back on track with a necessary update for the 2010s.

The new logo in animated form, uploaded by Youtube user idClick:

The Canalsat logo between 2005–2009.

Logo from before 2005, when the platform was called CanalSatellite.


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